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Video: Drone Swarm Forms 'Ghost Plane'

By Tim Binnall

Attendees at an aviation conference in China enjoyed a breathtaking display of hundreds of LED drones that took to the skies to form various 'ghost' aircraft. The amazing show reportedly unfolded last week in the city of Nanchang as part of their annual Flight Convention where cutting-edge aircraft are showcased. This year's festivities culminated with the dramatic and creative drone performance that left onlookers in awe.

Initially resembling fireflies filling the night sky, a total of 800 LED drones powered up and launched into the air. The UAVs quickly came together to form fairly detailed and well-crafted depictions of various aircraft, including a jumbo jet, a helicopter, and a classic propeller plane. Aside from being a wondrous display of drone capabilities, the performance serves as further proof that it's only going to get increasingly harder to discern what one is watching should they spot something seemingly out-of-this-world in the sky.


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