Video: Eerie 'Mystery Knocker' Leaves Malaysian Villages on Edge

By Tim Binnall

A strange panic is sweeping over parts of Malaysia after multiple people in different villages reported hearing a persistent knocking at their door, but finding no one there when they looked to see who was behind the baffling banging. According to a local media report, the series of puzzling incidents began late last week when people living in at least four different communities were disturbed by what initially appeared to be an unexpected visitor to their home. "Suddenly I heard the sound of the house kitchen door being knocked on loudly as if someone wanted to get inside quickly," recounted one individual who experienced the phenomenon, "I heard the knocking sound getting louder before I peeked out the window and found no one outside the house."

His bewilderment over the noise soon turned to terror when he heard the knocking coming from inside his house. "My whole body was shivering and my hair was shaking as soon as I heard a knock on the door in the bathroom that had not been used for a long time," the witness recalled. After sharing his experience on social media, the man soon realized that it was not an isolated incident as several people chimed in with their own accounts of being pestered by the eerie knocking sound.

In nearly all of the instances, witnesses reported hearing the relentless sound of someone seeking entry into their residence, but there was no one outside when they looked out the window. One person who was visited by the mystery knocker actually managed to capture the incident on video (seen above). In the footage, something powerfully pounds on the door until the homeowner quickly opens it and, indeed, no one is there. The video, which may very well be a hoax to take advantage of the buzz surrounding the mystery, as well as the unsettling accounts have spread like wildfire on Malaysian social media with many wondering if there is a supernatural explanation for the spate of incidents.

While that is a matter of conjecture, the fact that they are happening appears to be beyond dispute as even a local official in one of the villages indicated that his home had been visited by the mystery knocker. And, in fact, he revealed that "almost half of the villagers complained about the same incident," which would seem to suggest that the strangeness might not be the work of a mere prankster, since they would have to had hit a considerable amount of homes in a rather short amount of time. For now, authorities are advising residents to not answer the door if they happen to be targeted by the knocker and have stepped up patrols in the area in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the very weird case.


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