Video: Enormous Sinkhole Opens Up Outside Hospital in Italy

By Tim Binnall

A jaw-dropping scene unfolded outside of an Italian hospital when an enormous sink hole opened up in the facility's parking lot. The staggering pit reportedly appeared on Friday morning at the Ospedale del Mare in the city of Naples. Measuring a whopping 22,000 feet across and around 65 feet deep, the sinkhole devoured a handful of vehicles that were unfortunate enough to have been parked atop the chasm before it formed.

Although it was initially suspected that the crater could have been created by some kind of explosion, that theory was quickly eliminated and it is now believed that heavy rains likely contributed to the sinkhole coming to life. Fortunately, since it was early in the morning when the incident occurred, there were only a few cars in the parking lot and no one was hurt in the event. That said, a nearby residence for patients recovering from Covid did have to evacuate following a loss of electricity brought about by the sinkhole's sudden appearance and, of course, parking at the hospital will be considerably scarcer for the foreseeable future.

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