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Video: ESPN Spotlights Annual Sasquatch Calling Competition

By Tim Binnall

An annual Sasquatch calling contest held in upstate New York finds itself in an almost-Bigfoot-sized spotlight thanks to a wildly entertaining profile from ESPN. As had been rumored back in September when the competition was held in the town of Whitehall, cameras from the iconic sports channel were on hand to document the festivities and their take on the paranormal showdown was released this week in the form of a well-produced video package on the competition as well as a lengthy article on both the contest and the community's affinity for all things Sasquatch.

The multimedia showcase provides an enlightening look at the event, the town, and Sasquatch itself from an outsider's perspective. To that end, for those of us who exist within the paranormal bubble and are well-versed in the various genres and subgenres of the field, it's a rather refreshing glimpse of how others see our unique corner of the world. And while cryptozoological enthusiasts may cringe at Bigfoot being mislabeled as 'Big Foot' in the article and the occasional jokes about the quirky nature of the competition, the coverage is thankfully without the heavy-handed ridicule some media outlets heap upon fans of the legendary creature.

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