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Video: Family in North Carolina Has Frightening Coyote Encounter

A North Carolina family's chance encounter with a coyote went from wondrous to worrisome when the angry creature turned its sights on them.

John Schroter and his two teenage daughters were driving home in the town of Huntersville on Saturday evening when they spotted the coyote scratching at a fence.

Hoping to get a better look at the animal, they pulled over to the side of the road and quickly regretted letting their curiosity get the better of them.

Rather than retreat from the attention of the family in their car, the coyote turned towards the vehicle and began approaching it in a menacing fashion.

"This thing is going to attack anything in its path," Schroter recalled thinking to TV station WCNC.

Since the family were largely safe within the confines of their car, they were able to capture some chilling footage of the unnerving animal sizes up their vehicle.

In a testament to the tenacity of the creature, the ornery coyote actually began biting at the car until Schroter put it in reverse, which sent the animal scurrying away.

Although the town's animal control department eventually captured the rabid coyote, we're guessing that the family was more than a little nervous when they got home and had to get out of their car.

Source: WCNC

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