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Video: First-Ever 'Coopercon' Slated For This Weekend

By Tim Binnall

The legendary D.B. Cooper mystery will take center stage this coming weekend by way of 'Coopercon,' the first-ever conference devoted specifically to the infamous skyjacking case. According to a local television report, the event is the brainchild of avid D.B. Cooper researcher Eric Ullis, who has been fascinated by the puzzling tale since he was a child. In keeping with the 'all things Cooper' theme, the conference will be held in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, November 24th, which is the 47th anniversary of the notorious 1971 heist.

Attendees at the day-long event will be treated to a number of lectures from Cooper researchers that will cover critical evidence from the case as well as presentations regarding some of the prime suspects who have piqued the interest of investigators over the years. Additionally, there will be displays at the event featuring replicas of the skyjacker's parachute and the tantalizing tie clip that may have yielded a clue to Cooper's identity last year. Perhaps the coolest exhibition planned for the conference is that of an actual $20 bill from the heist that was recovered by investigators.

Considering that the event is free to the public, we'll keep our fingers crossed that maybe the mysterious skyjacker will feel compelled to come out of hiding for the conference dedicated to his grand caper. With that in mind, the researchers on hand may want to keep an eye out for any elderly audience members who seem to know a bit too much about the case.

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