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Video: First-Ever Roswell Crash Site Tours Draw Rave Reviews

For the first time ever, members of the public were able to tour the infamous Roswell crash site as part of this past weekend's festivities in the city. According to a local media report, around two hundred people took part in the unique opportunity to set foot on the site that is seen by many UFO enthusiasts as hallowed ground. "I had to see it for myself," said one attendee who ventured all the way from Canada to take part in a tour of the crash site, "it's almost spiritual."

To that end, the forbidden nature of the crash site, previously only accessible via permission from the ranch's owners, proved to be particularly tempting to flying saucer fans who have heard about the Roswell event for decades. "You're getting this chance to enter into virgin territory that others have only read about and actually see it with your own eyes," said another tour participant who marveled that the experience was "really special."

Based on television news coverage of the tours, it would seem that the site is as one might expect it to be in that it remains largely a barren piece of New Mexico desert aside from a marker that acknowledges the location's place in UFO lore. Nonetheless, those who were there this past weekend didn't seem to mind the lack of alien d├ęcor that is almost ubiquitous in Roswell itself. "We were looking at it and touching it and touching the dirt," recalled an attendee who visited the site, "and you know, it's something you can't explain, but it's a good feeling."

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