Video: Fishermen Claim to Have Spotted Legendary West Virginia 'River Monster'

By Tim Binnall

A pair of fishermen in West Virginia have come forward with a remarkable story of having spotted a famed river monster known as Ogua. According to a local media report, Nate Moreno and Jake Byer encountered the mysterious creature while they were catfishing at the state's West Fork river one summer night back in 2019. Suddenly, at around midnight, Moreno caught sight of something sizeable that was "intruding the flow of the water" to the point that it made a strange circular shape. Initially thinking that perhaps the anomaly was a ball that had gotten stuck in the river, his assessment quickly changed when he got a better look at the strange object.

Moreno recalls noticing "a snake-like movement somewhere behind this ball" to the point that he began to wonder what exactly he was watching in the water. Then, like a scene from a horror movie, he realized that "it’s all one thing. It's all one creature of some sort." Moreno quickly alerted Byer to the oddity emerging from the river and the pair attempted to "get some kind of light on it" in order to have a better look at the mysterious animal. However, he lamented, "by the time we got everything situated where we would have good illumination on the river, it was gone." Sadly, as is so often the case, when Moreno later shared his story with some friends, they dismissed his tale and largely laughed at him.

However, Moreno and Byer got a bit of retribution when last year when a local media outlet wrote about a famed river monster, known as Ogua, that is said to lurk in the waterways of the area."For so long, there was no way to clearly identify it because we didn't know what it was," he mused, "we just knew it was big and it was alive and then that's when we read the story about the fabled Ogua and it made complete sense." Legend has it that the mysterious creature is a massive twenty-foot turtle that weighs 500 pounds and occasionally ventures onto land in search of food. Fortunately for the two fishermen, it would appear that Ogua wasn't particularly hungry that night, otherwise they may not have been around to share their story today.

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