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Video: Flat Earth Fan's Homemade Rocket Launch Fizzles Out

A Flat Earth fan's plans to launch himself inside of a homemade rocket over the weekend wound up being scrubbed due to technical difficulties.

After failing to pull off the highly-publicized stunt back in November, "Mad" Mike Hughes subsequently announced that he would go forward with the launch on the Saturday before the Super Bowl.

However, when the time came to launch, the Flat Earth aficionado's rocket sat on terra firma as a rapt audience watching on site and at home wondered what was happening.

Hughes eventually emerged and explained he could not fire up the rocket due to a technical issue involving the device's actuator.

He went on to lament that, because they had already tried to ignite the engine, an attempt to fix the problem at that time could prove disastrous and deadly, leaving him with no choice but to scrap the launch altogether.

Although he declared that it could be possible to go through with the launch sometime this week, Hughes cautioned that he's about to embark on a complex legal case against the state of California and, thus, it may be some time before he can finally put the rocket to the test.

Source: Newsweek

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