Video: Florida Driver Jumps Drawbridge

By Tim Binnall

Cops in Florida are on the hunt for a daring driver who barreled through the safety arm of a drawbridge and proceeded to jump the retractable road as it was rising. The wild incident reportedly occurred on Monday morning in the city of Daytona Beach and was captured on video by a traffic camera. In the footage, a silver SUV can be seen speeding down the road, smashing through a traffic barrier, and then crossing the bridge while it was in the process of opening. Fortunately, the foolhardy motorist timed the maneuver in such a way that the opening was not particularly perilous.

Be that as it may, police are understandably unhappy with the driver's "Dukes of Hazzard" impression and are working on tracking down the motorist. What makes the incident somewhat worrisome to authorities is that this is actually the second time in the last two months in which someone has jumped the drawbridge in Daytona Beach as an individual on a motorcycle pulled off the ill-advised feat back in March. As one might imagine, police are concerned that the stunt could wind up becoming a trend among drivers looking to show off their proverbial nerves of steel.

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