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Video: Florida Family Fed Up with Ghost in Their New Home

By Tim Binnall

A family in Florida say that they're having second thoughts about their new home after moving into the residence and becoming plagued by unsettling ghostly activity. The weirdness reportedly began last month when Elizabeth Lightfoot and her family moved into the house in the community of Lehigh Acres. Initial strange events like unexplained knocks and objects being moved by an unseen force soon gave way to more troubling incidents, including one where a family member felt physically attacked by what they believe to be a sinister spirit.

And so, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the possible haunting in the home, the family turned to a local television station, of all places, who connected them with a longtime paranormal investigator named Lee Ehrlich. The seasoned ghost hunter set about studying the house under the bright lights of the TV cameras and came away convinced that "there's something in the home that people may refer to as supernatural." He specifically pointed to EVP activity that suggested to him that "we've just cracked the surface" when it comes to unraveling what kind of spirits may be lurking in the residence.

For their part, the family is less interested in establishing some kind of rapport with the spirit and, instead, simply want some semblance of peace and quiet. "I don't want to talk to it, I don't want to communicate with it," Lightfoot declared, "I just want it to get out." Alas, she lamented, "it doesn't want to get out, so we have to move." Considering the distress that they've experienced at the hands of the alleged entity sharing the home with them, one questions the wisdom of revealing the torment to the world if they hope to sell the property to anyone aside from an aspiring ghost hunter.


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