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Video: Four-Legged Chicken in India Finds 'Fame'

The birth of a four-legged chicken has caused something of a stir in an Indian village as people are captivated by the creature's strange appearance.

According to owner Javed Ali, his home has been inundated with curious visitors hoping to get a look at the odd creature.

In fact, one fan of the four-legged wonder even wanted to buy the bird from Ali for around $75 dollars.

Alas, Ali reportedly rebuffed the offer because he has formed a bond with the chicken, which seems a bit odd since the bird seemingly has no name.

Despite the creature's unusual nature, animal experts say that it's condition, known as polymelia, is not particularly rare.

Hopefully no one tells Ali, since he may be having visions of turning the four-legged chicken into a cash cow.

Source: Mirror


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