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Video: 'Friendly Ghost' Appears in Family's Holiday Photo

A Philadelphia family's holiday photo features something of a Dickensian detail in the form of what resembles a 'friendly ghost' hovering in the background.

Tricia Endres spotted the spooky anomaly while admiring some photos that the family took outside in front of their holiday decorations.

Much to her surprise, lingering behind Endres and her children in one snapshot is a rather cartoonish-looking visage, complete with eyes, a nose, and a smiling face.

Although she described the eerie interloper as "a little creepy," Endres seemed largely amused by the oddity rather than frightened by its 'presence.'

Area residents polled by a local TV station offered a variety of opinions ranging from simply an artifact from the Christmas lights in the image to a pair of observers who were certain that it is a ghost.

Thankfully, an area paranormal expert was enlisted to look at the image and determined that the 'apparition' was, indeed, simply a photographic anomaly.

Hopefully the findings will let the Endres family rest easy at night and no longer wonder whether the 'spirit' was the ghost of Christmas past, present, or future.

Source: WTFX

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