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Video: 'Ghost Apples' Found in Michigan

By Tim Binnall

A farmer in Michigan could not believe his eyes when he went out to prune some trees following a storm and spotted some rather wondrous oddities created by the winter weather: 'ghost apples.' Andrew Sietsema reportedly made the remarkable discovery last week after the area was pounded with icy rain. Once the skies had cleared, he ventured into his orchard and noticed curious balls of ice on some of the apple trees.

Upon closer inspection, Sietsema realized that these icy spheres had actually formed around the fruit. According to the farmer, the temperature at the time was at just the right level to where the apples rotted and fell from the frozen casing which remained intact. Fortunately, Sietsema was able to capture a few photos of the fleeting phenomenon before they melted and the images have since gone viral online.

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