Video: 'Ghost Child' Causes a Stir in Malaysia

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By Tim Binnall

A group of friends in Malaysia were convinced that they had encountered a ghost when they spotted a child riding a tricycle in the wee hours of the morning, but the spooky sight wound up having a less-than-supernatural explanation. The eerie incident reportedly occurred in the city of Penampang last Wednesday at approximately 3 AM. As the men were driving through the community, one of the passengers in the car was left bewildered when they passed a youngster that was inexplicably out and about at that late hour.

Eventually the stunned man convinced the driver to turn around in order to confirm what he had just seen. "I swear it was a little boy," the man declared, "I swear. I’m not lying." Much to the profound surprise of the group, their compatriot had, indeed, seen a child on a tricycle meandering around in the street. Shaken by what they were seeing, the group apparently believed the boy might have been a ghost as one of the men shouted to the tot "if you are a human, please stop." Alas, the youngster did not stop and, instead, moved away from the men.

Video of the strange encounter with the potential ghost child was subsequently posted to social media in Malaysia, where it quickly went viral. However, the true nature of the 'spirit' became apparent as authorities in the city revealed that they had received several calls about the youngster and, upon going out to investigate the situation, found the boy, who was very much alive. After bringing the four-year-old back to the local police station, they were met by the boy's mother, who had realized that the precocious youngster had left their home in the middle of the night.



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