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Video: Ghost Hunter Gets Possessed by the Spirit of a Child?

A paranormal research group in England claims to have captured chilling footage of an investigator being possessed by the spirit of a child.

Rebecca Palmer and her husband Sean Reynolds were visiting the New Mills Art Theatre in the city of Manchester when the bizarre incident allegedly occurred.

In the eerie video, Palmer can be seen clutching a creepy-looking doll and looks bewildered as if she has been taken over by some kind of force.

The purportedly possessed ghost hunter then begins asking for her "mummy" while her cohorts look on in amazement.

When Reynolds approaches his wife in an attempt to intervene, he violently falls to the ground in a moment that is either unsettling, if you believe he was pushed by a ghost, or hilarious, if you do not.

To that end, skeptics will likely scoff at the footage and argue that it was simply a setup designed to garner publicity for the couple's television program which airs in the UK.

For their part, the couple insists that the scene was genuine and that they were shaken by the experience, but also intrigued by the sheer power seemingly displayed by the ghost.

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Source: The Sun


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