Video: 'Ghost Ship' Docks in Philadelphia

By Tim Binnall

An awesome new art installation featuring an eerie holographic 'ghost ship' will be on display in Philadelphia for the next month. According to a local media report, the three-dimensional 'apparition' stands a whopping 90 feet tall and will 'haunt' a spot on the Delaware River near a popular pier in the city. The wondrous work was created by a European-based art studio using what is presumably a complex arrangement of light and water.

The 'ghost ship' is set to be officially unveiled to the public at an event on Friday evening and will be 'conjured' every Wednesday through Sunday night for the next month. Beyond merely being a spooky sight for people visiting the area, the installation also has an educational aspect to it as observers on the pier will be able to listen to audio recordings featuring experts sharing colorful tales of the Delaware River's rich history.

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