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Video: 'Ghost Sighting' Blamed for Bizarre Arson Attempt

By Tim Binnall

A California man was busted for trying to burn down his neighbor's home this week and blamed a ghost sighting for his bizarre actions. Authorities in the city of Stockton reportedly arrested Cuong Pham on Thursday after he was identified in a rather frightening doorbell camera video which showed him frantically dousing the front door of his neighbor's house with diesel fuel and attempting to light it on fire. Fortunately, this proved to be a difficult task due to the chemical nature of the liquid, so he eventually gave up and went home.

When he was later questioned by police, Pham admitted that he was the man in the video and provided a truly strange excuse for his odd behavior: he thought he had seen a ghost inside the home and believed that burning the building down would eradicate the spirit. He also assured officers that he had no ill will toward the family and offered to apologize to them for the frightening incident. Be that as it may, Pham was arrested and charged with a number of serious counts, including arson and attempted murder.

While his neighbors were understandably shaken and upset by Pham's troubling late-night visit to their home, they can take some solace in the fact that the situation actually could have been far worse than it turned out to be. That's because, had the man used gasoline rather than diesel fuel, he would have been able to easily light it on fire. Be that as it may, we're guessing that Pham won't be getting an invitation to the annual neighborhood block party now.

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