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Video: Giant Fish Dies After Biting Off More Than It Can Chew

An Australian man out for a morning walk could not believe his eyes when he spotted a massive fish that had apparently died after biting off more than it could chew.

Michael Pool first caught sight of the giant three-foot-long flathead fish that is a regular denizen of the water in his hometown of Burrill Lake.

But when he got closer to the creature, he was astounded to see that there was a smaller fish sticking out of its mouth.

Hoping to possibly untangle the two and potentially save the flathead, Pool actually grabbed the smaller fish and tried to pull it from the larger animal's mighty jaws, but his efforts proved to be futile.

And, he surmised based on the lack of movement from either fish, that both of them had met their demise from the ill-conceived encounter.

Pool marveled that the strange scene was unlike anything he'd seen in his 50 years of living in the area.

And, in a testament to the proverbial 'circle of life,' when he returned later to see what became of the two fish, he discovered that hungry birds had already begun making a meal out of the pair.

Source: Yahoo Australia


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