Video: Graceland Gardener Says He is Not Elvis

After becoming somewhat of a viral sensation when conspiracy theorists claimed he was actually a still-living Elvis, the Graceland gardener has finally responded to the furor and declares that he is not 'The King.'

After finding himself the center of a frenzy of speculation last month, the man was finally interviewed by a visitor to Memphis last week.

In the video, a woman named Darcy Druck boasts that she has found "the famous groundskeeper that everyone thinks is Elvis."

The man appears to be amused by his newfound notoriety, stressing that "I'm not really 81" and comparing his elusive nature to that of a Pokémon Go character.

And, in a good natured nod to conspiracy theorists, the groundskeeper even places his hand on his head in the same fashion that 'Elvis is alive' had believed to be some kind of code.

According to Druck, the groundskeeper, named Bill, is actually Elvis' cousin, although we suspect that may be a familiar claim of many Memphis residents.

With Bill the groundskeeper seemingly having been identified, the 'still-living Elvis' remains at large, leaving us to wonder if maybe 'The King' really did die in 1977.

For some real insight into the life of Elvis Presley, be sure to tune in to tonight's edition of C2C when David E. Stanley, stepbrother of the iconic musician, will share details on his time serving as Elvis' bodyguard.

And, of course, Coast Insiders can revisit the infamous Elvis death hoax theory by checking out R. Gary Patterson and Xaviant Haze's 3/5/2015 appearance on the program.

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Source: Express

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