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Video: Haunted Doll Dispute Settled on British TV Court Show

By Tim Binnall

A daytime TV court show in Britain was recently called upon to settle a strange dispute surrounding an allegedly haunted doll. The bizarre case took center stage on the Halloween edition of the program Judge Rinder, which is essentially a British version of The People's Court. The central issue being contested was a man's claim that he never received the full payment for his sale of a purportedly haunted doll.

In the wildly amusing segment, the judge first questions defendant Chris Power about a weird casket in which the doll, named Angela, sits. Much to the magistrate's profound confusion, he is told that the box was created at the behest of the figurine, who told Power to build it. The weirdness continues as they then discuss whether or not the doll is evil and Rinder shows a video which, Power claimed, showed a ghost cat, although the judge is less than convinced that it is really a feline spirit.

Getting to the heart of the matter, Rinder eventually learns that Power promised to pay around a thousand dollars for the doll, yet stopped short of settling the full debt soon after it arrived in the mail. When asked why he refused to hold up his end of the deal, he offered a truly amazing excuse. "Well, Angela told me mustn't pay it," Power revealed, "I know it sounds mad and bizarre, but that's the truth."

Unfortunately, his reasoning didn't hold water with Rinder, who ordered Power to pay the remaining sum to the doll's former owner. After rendering the verdict, the judge rubbed some proverbial salt in the wound by politely asking him to "have a word with Angela just to make sure she doesn't say something awful." While Power may not be thrilled about the way his fifteen minutes of fame unfolded, he should at least be thankful that his case wasn't decided in the court room of Judge Judy, since we can only imagine how merciless her questioning would have been.


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