Video: Indonesian Fisherman Finds Bizarre Baby Shark with 'Human Face'

By Tim Binnall

An Indonesian fisherman could not believe his eyes when he cut open a shark that he had caught and discovered that the catch contained a bizarre baby version of the fish that looked eerily human. The curious creature, which somewhat resembles the iconic cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost, was reportedly found this past Sunday by Abdullah Nuren as he was fishing near the island of Rote Ndao. After pulling in a fairly sizeable shark, the man began cleaning it and, in the process, sliced open the fish, spotting something truly strange.

To his profound surprise, the shark contained three babies, two of which appeared to be perfectly normal and a third pup that was positively jaw-dropping. The creature in question sported out-of-place eyes which were positioned in a manner that made it look as if it possessed the face of a person. Amazed by what he had found, Nuren posted a video of the very weird fish to social media, where it has understandably gone viral.

As for what became of the unique creature, the fisherman actually brought it back to his home and, as word of the wondrous fish spread throughout his community, people have flocked to the residence in the hopes of seeing the oddity. Amazingly, Nuren says that some visitors have even offered to buy the baby shark from him, but he has refused all offers and, instead, plans to preserve the animal because he believes it will bring him good luck.

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