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Video: Inmates Escape to Save Guard's Life

A group of inmates in Texas may have earned themselves time off for good behavior after breaking out of a holding cell to save the life of a guard that had suddenly fallen ill.

Captured on security camera footage, the prisoners were stunned when the man slumped over in his chair after previously chatting and joking with them.

When their shouts for help failed to receive an answer, the inmates bravely put their own lives on the line to help the dying man.

The group of concerned criminals broke out of their cell and started banging on doors as well as screaming for someone to come and help the guard.

Sgt. Ryan Speegle, who soon arrived on the scene, marveled that the prisoners could have caused a tremendous amount of carnage by taking advantage of the downed guard.

"He had keys. He had a gun. It could have been an extremely bad situation," Speegle told WFAA Dallas.

However in a testament to the character of the criminals, they say that they didn't even consider that possibility and were only interested in helping the man, despite his role as their jailor.

"It never crossed my mind not to help, whether he's got a gun or a badge," one of the inmates told the TV station.

And, fortunately, cooler heads prevailed among the prison staff as they easily could have seen the scene and come to the conclusion that a riot was erupting, which may have led to an ugly outcome for the inmates.

But the cooperative nature of the criminals quickly made them realize that there was an altogether different and decidedly serious episode unfolding.

Thanks to the conscientious criminals, prison staff were able to save the guard's life.

Hopefully the incredible act of kindness will be recognized by authorities next time the prisoners find themselves sitting in front of the parole board.

Source: WFAA Dallas

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