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Video: Legendary Lake Champlain Monster Gets Historical Marker

By Tim Binnall

A legendary 'monster' said to lurk in the waters of Lake Champlain has been recognized with a historical marker. The alleged denizen of the deep, known as 'Champ' or 'Champy,' is believed by many to reside in the lake which acts as a border between New York and Vermont. In the latter state, the creature has inspired all manner of tributes, including serving as the namesake for a minor league baseball team and even a proposal for a commemorative license plate.

Now, New York state is reportedly showing Champy some love by way of a new marker, unveiled this week in the town of Plattsburgh which sits on the shore of Lake Champlain. The signage declares that a "legendary lake monster lives here" and that there have been "over 300 sightings since 1819." The marker also notes that New York state law "protects this regional icon," which is in reference to a 1983 resolution bestowing such status upon the apocryphal creature.

The marker was produced by a group known as the Pomeroy Foundation, which has funded over 850 such signs for various historically significant places throughout the country. The Champy signage, specifically, is part of an initiative from the organization to recognize local legends and lore that are "based in fiction or truth or somewhere in between." In addition to the marker at Lake Champlain, the group has placed signs honoring tales such as the Gorton Turtle, the Hairy Women of Klipnocky, and the Esperance Witch.

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