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Video: Lego Builders Create Epic Conspiracy-Themed Piece

By Tim Binnall

A pair of highly skilled Lego builders recently created a jaw-dropping piece which pays tribute to an array of infamous conspiracy theories. The awesome construction was reportedly put together by Ryan McNaught and Centuri Chan at a Lego event in Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this month. While the piece initially appears to simply be a depiction of the Flat Earth, like all good conspiracy theories, there's something 'sinister' lurking beneath the surface.

The base of the construction is a tower featuring a series of incredibly detailed scenes showcasing several well-known conspiracy theories. Some of the highlights of the clever display are a Reptilian addressing the public while disguised as a politician, NASA hoaxing the moon landing, and a gathering of the Illuminati where they are plotting world affairs. The talented duo even went so far as to include the fairly obscure theory that dinosaur fossils are fake and created by clandestine sculptors working to fool the public.


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