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Video: Man Breaks into Museum, Takes Selfies with T. Rex Skull

By Tim Binnall

A mischievous Australian man is in hot water with authorities after he broke into a museum and, during the unauthorized visit, snapped some selfies with an enormous T. Rex skull. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred earlier this month at the Australian Museum in Sydney and was captured on film by security cameras at the site. The yet-to-be-identified intruder is believed to have entered the building, which is currently closed for renovation, by way of a window which he accessed by climbing some nearby scaffolding.

According to police, the man spent approximately forty minutes wandering around the museum, exploring both exhibits and staff areas that are off-limits to the public. It was in one of those spots that he procured a brown hat, which he playfully wore throughout the rest of his misadventure. Easily the most jaw-dropping moment from the strange episode came when the man entered into a dinosaur display and stopped to take a few selfies in front of a huge T. Rex skull.

"We’re lucky he hasn't damaged any historical artifacts or anything that is expensive in there," said Sean Heaney of the New South Wales Police Department. Offering the amusing observation that the man "certainly enjoyed his night at the museum," the detective nonetheless stressed that "it's very serious, we shouldn't make light of this." Fortunately, authorities did not have to spend too much time trying to crack the case as the repentant ne'er-do-well turned himself into police shortly after details of the caper had been announced to the public.


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