Video: Man Slides Deer To Safety Across Frozen Lake

A hapless deer was in luck on Tuesday when Cranmoor, Wisconsin resident Glen Lencour spotted the frightened animal stranded in the middle of an icy, frozen reservoir.

Lancour went home, got a leash and called his friend John Moss, for help.

When he realized that the leash was not going to work, Lencour stepped out onto the ice and approached the deer. When the animal didn’t seem to bolt or struggle, he came up with a different idea.

Wearing ice cleats, Lencour began sliding the surprisingly docile doe towards the shore as Moss got out his phone and began recording.

As they neared the edge of the ice, the deer struggled and finally righted itself. Laughing, Lencour quipped “you’re welcome,” as it ran into the distance.

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