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Video: Mass Hysteria Erupts at School in Argentina

Nearly a dozen teenage girls at a school in Argentina were spellbound by some kind of unsettling mass hysteria that left teachers and parents scratching their heads.

The odd panic, which occurred in the village of Santiago de Salavina, saw eleven girls suddenly fall to the ground convulsing as their classmates looked on in horror.

In response to the baffling outbreak, the families of the afflicted girls expressed concern that they were possessed by evil spirits or had been stricken by a sinister black magic spell.

Hoping to assuage those fears, the school actually enlisted a priest to bless the building and even brought in a 'healer,' who performed a strange exorcism, of sorts, on one of the teens.

An unnerving video of the ritual shows the man putting his hands on the girl before she drops to the ground and violently thrashes around while a helper tries to hold her still.

Lest one think that the girls were only given spiritual aid, the school also sought out the guidance of a psychologist who examined three of the teens and concluded that the incident is merely a case of mass hysteria.

Source: Mirror

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