Video: Massive Landslide Sweeps Norwegian Neighborhood into the Sea

By Tim Binnall

A jaw-dropping video out of Norway shows a neighborhood of homes swept away into the sea by a massive landslide. The astounding event reportedly occurred on Wednesday afternoon in the coastal community of Alta. Much to the surprise of residents living in the area, a sizeable patch of land measuring approximate a half mile long and a third-of-a-mile wide broke away from the shoreline and quickly crumbled into the ocean.

Dramatic footage of the event shows a handful of the last remaining houses sitting atop the floating land as it heads toward the water where some still-intact residences drift atop a roaring current. Fortunately, everyone who lived in the neighborhood has been accounted for and no one was hurt during the unsettling incident. One unfortunate individual did have to be rescued by helicopter and a dog that got caught up in the chaos was swept out to sea, but swam back to land safely on its own.

Now-former residents of the neighborhood lost to the landslide recall hearing a bang and then realizing that the ground had begun to move. Thankfully the relatively slow-moving nature of the event allowed for them to evacuate their homes. The exact reason for the landslide has yet to be determined, but it is believed that the quick clay which comprised the land upon which the homes stood was likely to blame.

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