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Video: Miami Unveils Historical Marker Honoring Amelia Earhart

By Tim Binnall

A new historical marker in Miami commemorates the city's unique place in the story of Amelia Earhart's ill-fated attempt to circumnavigate the globe. The landmark was unveiled to the public in a ceremony on Tuesday and is reportedly part of an initiative aimed at recognizing the contributions of women to the region's rich history. The signage serves to make note of the famed aviatrix's connection to the city which is often overlooked due to the mystery surrounding her demise.

"Almost everyone knows where Amelia disappeared," Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sharon Kendrick-Johnson said at the ceremony, "but almost no one knows where she started." To that end, it was in Miami on May 25th, 1937 that the aviatrix announced plans to make a second attempt at flying around the world after her first endeavor had not been successful. She subsequently launched the flight when she departed from what was then the Miami Municipal Airport on June 1st.

While Earhart ultimately hoped to land in the history books for the achievement of flying around the world, we now know, of course, that this did not come to fruition in the way that she envisioned. Be that as it may, the aviatrix continues to be remembered for her accomplishments to this day as seen in the new historical landmark which sits in the location where Earhart departed Miami more than seven decades ago.

The signage is actually not the first time that the pioneering pilot has been honored by the city as the Miami Municipal Airport was re-named Amelia Earhart Field back in 1947. Alas, this did not last very long as the facility closed just three years later. That said, a portion of the location was eventually transformed into an urban park that is also named after the aviatrix.

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