Video: Michigan Man Unearths Bevy of Bowling Balls Buried Beneath Back Step

By Tim Binnall

A homeowner in Michigan was left scratching his head when he unearthed a staggering 160 bowling balls that had been buried beneath his back step. The odd discovery reportedly occurred as David Olson was in the process of what initially seemed to be a routine renovation outside his residence in the city of Norton Shores. Things took a strange turn when, while removing a set of stairs leading into his house, he stumbled upon a bowling ball sitting within the steps. The find was merely the tip of a proverbial iceberg as Olson soon realized that there were a slew of the spheres at the spot.

Over the course of the day, Olson removed a jaw-dropping 158 of the bowling balls and recovered another two as his work continued later in the week. "I felt kind of like a paleontologist, sifting through the 'bones' with my hands as a brush," he laughed, recounting the discovery to a local media outlet. Having accomplished the necessary steps to replace the stairs, the homeowner doesn't plan to do any more digging in the area, but he has little doubt that there are more of the spheres buried there.

The origins of the objects understandably intrigued him and, after sharing his story online, he learned that there was once a bowling ball factory in a nearby community. Apparently, workers there would sometimes take home rejected balls and use them for construction material as was the case with the foundation of the steps in Olson's yard. As for what will become of the spheres now, the homeowner hopes that they can be put to good use by way of various art projects as "I really just don't want to see them end up in a landfill somewhere."

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