Video: Minnesota Man Tracks Odd UFO Activity

By Tim Binnall

Over the course of the last six months, a Minnesota man has documented dozens of strange events in which mysterious lights hover in the night sky near his home. Choosing to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule, the puzzled witness recently presented his evidence to a local TV station in the hopes of solving the curious case unfolding in the community of Eden Prairie. According to him, it all began back in May when "I noticed something I had never seen before, which is an object that appeared to be levitating at or near the airport."

Since that time, the lights have returned on a regular basis generally flying at what appears to be at an altitude of 500 feet and a speed of about 15 miles per hour. The weird events have been so plentiful that the dutiful observer has managed to film a whopping 80 such incidents with his iPhone. What makes the sightings particularly perplexing is that the facility seemingly serving as the source of the objects, the nearby Flying Cloud Airport, closes at 11 PM. As such, there should be no activity in the sky at the site, yet the man keeps seeing the strange lights.

Making matters all the more mysterious, when the man contacted the airport about his concerns, he was told that they have not seen anything out of the ordinary on their radar. Meanwhile, messages relayed to his local police department as well as the FBI have also yielded to insights into the situation. Asked what he thinks the lights might be, the man mused that "I would just take a shot in the dark and say… it is a listening device or something, something like Big Brother is tracking people’s movements."

Fortunately, such fears may be unfounded as the TV station was able to get a statement from the Eden Prairie police department, who indicated that the man's evidence suggests that the mystery object is "likely a drone" and, should that be the case, it is "being flown in restricted airspace." The authorities went on to say that they are hoping to find the person operating the drone so that they can "determine if criminal activity is involved."

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