Video: Missile Test Off Florida Coast Spawns Slew of UFO Reports

By Tim Binnall

A ballistic missile test off the coast of Florida on Tuesday evening sparked a slew of UFO reports from bewildered witnesses who thought they had seen something alien. The odd incident reportedly occurred around 6:30 in the evening when multiple residents in the southern part of the state noticed a curious white object appear in the sky. As is often the case, photos and videos of the puzzling aerial anomaly quickly flooded social media and caused quite a stir online.

Fortunately, fears of an impending alien invasion or something similarly worrisome were soon squelched as it was determined that the 'UFO' was, in fact, the vapor trail of a Trident missile that had been test-launched by a submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. The fact that so many people from such a vast area in Florida were able to see the object is an indication that the projectile was located at a particularly high altitude in the sky.

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