Video: Missing Medium Sends Eerie Message at Mine Shaft?

By Tim Binnall

A television news crew investigating the case of a psychic medium who went missing in Colorado may have inadvertently received a message from the lost woman. Kristal Anne Reisinger vanished back in July of 2016 shortly after moving to the town of Crestone, which boasts a reputation as something of a 'new age' hot spot in the state. Leaving behind a young daughter, her disappearance has left authorities baffled and her friends heartbroken.

In light of the considerable time span since Reisinger was last seen, law enforcement officials have, unfortunately, concluded that she was likely the victim of foul play. This sentiment is sadly shared by her loved ones, although they base their opinions on what they believe to be messages sent by the missing woman from the 'other side.' According to friend Amy Ervin, both Reisinger's daughter as well as a fellow medium have both received psychic indications that her body was hidden in a mine shaft.

As such, Ervin turned to Colorado TV station Fox31 with the hopes that their 'Problem Solvers' team could turn their attention to mine shafts in the area and possibly find evidence of Reisinger's remains. Investigative reporters subsequently identified a whopping 42 possible locations worth examining and proceeded to visit each site to look for clues. Alas, it would seem that the search failed to find anything which would lead law enforcement down a path to solving the case.

That said, the exhaustive expedition did produce a rather amazing image that just may have been a message from the lost medium. During their investigation, the news team documented each mine shaft that they visited and, upon looking at a photo from the final site, they were stunned to see an eerie and inexplicable shadow that looks like some kind of figure with wings.To Ervin, the oddity was undoubtedly produced by her friend, although its meaning is a mystery. One wonders if perhaps it was her way of suggesting that the search was on the right track or simply Reisinger's expressing appreciation that she has not been forgotten.

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