Video: Monstrous Hailstorm Drops Five Feet of Ice on Mexican City

By Tim Binnall

Residents of Guadalajara, Mexico were astounded when a surprise hailstorm covered parts of the city with a whopping five feet of ice. The jaw-dropping event reportedly took place early Sunday morning when temperatures suddenly plunged 14 degrees as the freak storm passed over the area for about twenty minutes. Over the course of that seemingly brief period of time, a myriad of marble-sized pieces of hail plummeted from the sky and left behind quite the mess.

When people in the city woke up the next morning, they discovered that the storm had dumped five feet of ice on their community. While a number of homes and cars were damaged by the strange incident, there were no injuries. Oddly enough, temperatures on the day before the storm had reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which made the wintry scene on Sunday particularly weird. On the bright side, officials expect that the warm weather will return soon and melt away any remaining ice that was left behind after workers cleaned up the streets.


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