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Video: Monstrous Mystery Boom Rocks Houston Metropolitan Area

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By Tim Binnall

Residents throughout a sizeable region of southeast Texas reported hearing and, in some cases, feeling a monstrous mystery boom that rocked the area over the weekend. The unsettling blast occurred on Saturday night somewhere in the Houston area and led to a local TV station being inundated with calls from numerous concerned viewers who heard the unnerving sound in the surrounding cities and towns. "It was like boom," one witness recalled, " it wasn't someone knocking on the door. Our whole house shook."

Attempts by the TV station to figure out what caused the boom have so proven to be futile as calls to a litany of area law enforcement agencies failed to yield any answers. That said, several of those departments confirmed that they had received reports of the puzzling sound on Saturday evening as well. While it's difficult to determine what exactly may have caused the mysterious boom, prosaic possibilities such as a meteorite or even fireworks cannot be discounted. To that end, the same region found itself wondering about a similar sound last year and it wound up being, of all things, a 'gender reveal' party gone awry.


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