Video: 'Murder Hornets' Arrive in America

By Tim Binnall

Scientists are sounding the alarm after an invasive species of insect, which some experts call 'murder hornets,' have been found in the United States for the first time. Able to grow a whopping two inches long, the Asian giant hornets reportedly earned their menacing nickname by virtue of their ability to quickly wipe out an entire hive of honeybees by gruesomely ripping the heads off of their prey.

As if that were not enough, the nightmarish insects also possess sizeable stingers that can puncture a beekeeping suit and injects a venom that has leaves behind an incredibly painful effect on its victims. According to researchers, stings from 'murder hornets' are believed to the cause of a jaw-dropping 50 deaths in Japan each year. With all that in mind, one can understand why scientists have become concerned by the sudden appearance of the creatures here in America.

The first discovery of the massive hornets on our shores occurred late last fall in Washington state. Since that time, scientists in the region have been preparing for a possible onslaught from the creatures as warmer weather begins, since that is when they are most active. The potential invasion of the 'murder hornets' is understandably a significant concern to the beekeeping industry as the insects could decimate their livelihood.

Having spend several months preparing for this proverbial battle, entomologists have placed traps throughout the region in the hopes of stopping the spread of the troublesome insects. They have also warned the public as well as beekeepers to be on the lookout for the creatures. News of the arrival of 'murder hornets' in America was met with a considerable amount of gallows humor online over the weekend as many people on social media agreed that the appearance of the monstrous insects is in entirely in keeping with how this apocalyptic year has unfolded so far.


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