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Video: Musician Performs Strange Raccoon Serenade

By Tim Binnall

A truly strange video circulating online shows a flute-wielding musician in upstate New York serenading a rather sizeable group of raccoons. The bizarre scene reportedly took place at Brasher State Forest last week and the man behind the music, who has since earned the nickname 'Pied Piper of Raccoons,' is named Eddy Lawrence.

In the weird footage of his performance, Lawrence can be seen surrounded by a jaw-dropping number of raccoons as he plays a Native American song on his flute. As this continues, an increasing number of the creatures emerge from the forest seemingly being drawn by the young man's music. By the time the video ends, there appear to be at least two dozen raccoons gathered around Lawrence.

While it's easy to appreciate his skills as a musician, one can't help but also admire Lawrence's bravery, since he's clearly outnumbered by the creatures. Considering how close the many raccoons were to him, the young man is lucky that he didn't strike the wrong note, since the video of his performance may have been more frightening than wondrous should the creatures have gone on the attack.

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