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Video: Mysterious Chicken Provides Comfort at Late Teen's Grave

By Tim Binnall

Leading up to the one year anniversary of their son's death, a Minnesota family says that they have been comforted by the presence of a mysterious chicken which has inexplicably taken up residence at this grave over the last few weeks. The strangeness reportedly began about three weeks ago when Dan and Karen Miller noticed a red hen hanging around the grave site of their son Aiden, who passed away on July 22nd of last year at the age of sixteen. "We don't know where this thing came from," the young man's father said, "she just showed up one evening actually."

According to the family, the curious chicken has remained at the grave ever since that day. "It seems crazy," Dan marveled, "there's probably a thousand other stones in the cemetery, but it just refuses to leave this one." The bird has become such a constant presence at the spot that the Millers have even given it a name, Angel, and have taken to providing feed for the animal since it seems to have made a home at their son's final resting place.

"She's brought a lot more smiles than tears these past few weeks," Karen said, crediting the creature with providing some much-needed comfort as the anniversary of Aiden's death has approached and the family has been faced with another struggle in the form of a breast cancer diagnosis she received at around the same time that the animal first appeared. Noting that their son was particularly fond of the chickens that the family raised at their farm, his mother theorized that the bird may be some kind of message of support from their late son. “I've always said, I don't believe in coincidences,” she mused, “I think it's something bigger than that.”


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