Video: Mystery Boom Rocks New England

By Tim Binnall

New England residents were left scratching their heads this weekend when a monstrous mystery boom rocked the region and no one is quite sure what caused the cacophonous event. According to a local media report, the strange incident occurred on Sunday morning and seemed to be centered in southern New Hampshire, though people living in Massachusetts and Maine also reported hearing as well as feeling the curious Earth-rattling sound. As is so often the case, social media was quickly flooded with questions about what had just happened and various theories for the source of the boom were put forward by puzzled witnesses.

However, as of now, the origin of the sound has yet to be determined with the USGS reporting no seismic activity which could account for the boom and the FAA saying that, at the time of the incident, there were no military aircraft in the area. Considering that the noise was so powerful that it was heard in three states, that would seem to preclude the possibility that it was due to an errant explosion from, as some having jokingly theorized, a gender reveal gone wrong. Perhaps the most plausible explanation is that the boom emanated from a meteor entering the Earth atmosphere as a handful of witnesses did report a peculiar flash around the time of the event.

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