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Video: Mystery Ooze Stops Traffic

Drivers in Michigan were likely doing a double take on Tuesday after a mysterious substance suddenly started spewing out of the ground alongside a highway. The strange incident occurred in the city of Melvindale yesterday evening as a heavy rainstorm battered the area. Over the course of several hours, the odd ooze erupted from the ground and collected along the side of the road.

Described as a "smelly, foamy mess" by a local TV station, the mystery substance actually sprung forth from the ground last week as well. It's initial appearance was apparently of little concern to authorities as it cleaned up by a street sweeping crew with nary an investigation into its nature. However, the second appearance by the ooze led to a more proactive response with police shutting down the road "until we can figure out exactly what's going on."

Speculation surrounding the source of the foamy substance has centered around two possible suspects. The first suggestion is that it was somehow spawned by the considerable amount of rain the region received at the time that it appeared. The more worrisome second theory, which may connect to the first, is that a nearby oil refinery may somehow be to blame, although officials at the site insist that their hands are clean when it comes to the ooze. Authorities and, no doubt, residents are now anxiously awaiting test results of the material and an answer to the mystery.

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