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Video: 'Mythological' Two-Headed Snake Captivates Indian Village

By Tim Binnall

A rare two-headed snake has become something of a sensation in the Indian village where it was discovered as residents believe the oddity is some kind of mythological creature. The fairly sizeable reptile was reportedly found in the community of Midnapore this week. According to wildlife experts, the specific species of snake is that of a monocled cobra, which makes the two-headed creature doubly dangerous as it is quite venomous.

Be that as it may and much to the chagrin of the country's Forest Department, the villagers took a liking to the creature and even went so far as to provide it with a bowl of milk for sustenance. When a wildlife official arrived to retrieve the unique snake, they refused to turn it over because they believe it holds some kind of spiritual significance. A reptile specialist in India, Kaustav Chakraborty, dismissed such a notion by noting that "this is totally a biological issue like a human being can have two heads or thumbs similarly this snake has two heads. This doesn't have to do anything related to mythological belief."

If the villagers truly cared about the long-term future of the creature, Chakraborty explained, allowing it to live in the wild is likely the worst-case scenario. "The longevity of such species increases by keeping them in captivity," he said, "the life span of this snake can be increased if it is preserved." Whether that will wind up coming to pass remains to be seen, we're guessing that this won't be the last time we hear about a two-headed snake as such creatures have frequently found their way into the headlines in recent years.

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