Video: NFL Player Revisits UFO Sighting

By Tim Binnall

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield recently reflected on a rather curious incident from earlier this year wherein he and his wife spotted a UFO in the night sky. The NFL star sparked headlines back in March when he marveled on Twitter that, on their drive home from dinner, the couple had just seen a "very bright ball of light, going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis" near Austin, Texas. Unsurprisingly, the strange story was not forgotten by the media in Cleveland as, during a Zoom meeting on Monday, a reporter asked Mayfield "did you believe in UFOs before the offseason?" In response, the quarterback laughed, responded that "I'm a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch," and then went on to confirm the account.

Regarding the anomalous object he saw in the sky, Mayfield very seriously mused that "it's real, I saw it. He also expressed appreciation that, earlier this month, the Navy confirmed that leaked materials showing UFOs were, in fact, genuine. "Now everybody doesn't think I'm as crazy," he said, "I believe." In revisiting the experience, the NFL star noted that his wife had been looking down at her phone when he first spotted the UFO, but it was apparently bright enough in the sky that it caught her attention as well. Mayfield didn't have much else to say about the sighting, though did go out of his way to note that "other people in that area confirmed" that they had seen something strange in the sky that night, which seemingly lends some credence to his account.

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