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Video: Nightmarish Sounds Recorded Coming from Forest in BC

A haunting video from British Columbia, Canada resembles something out of a horror film as it features a series of unsettling howls coming from a foreboding forest.

Captured at a snow-covered location in the community of Moricetown, the eerie scene begins with one epic wail emanating out of the woods.

The cameraman, who had ostensibly heard similar sounds before he started filming, gravely observes, "I don't know what that is."

Much to his consternation, the creepy cacophony of cries continue while the man, understandably, stays up and keeps filming rather than venture closer to investigate.

As one can imagine, the interpretation of the sounds has largely broken down into two camps: the paranormal and the prosaic.

Advocates for the latter explanation say that the sounds were probably just calls coming from moose or elk that live in the forest.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot enthusiasts argue that the unnerving howls came from the legendary creature long thought to reside in the wilderness of British Columbia.

Can you identify the spooky sounds? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Mother Nature Network


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