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Video: Odd UFO Makes News in China

By Tim Binnall

Lest there be any doubt that UFOs are 'having a moment,' an odd object spotted by numerous people in the northern part of China over the weekend wound up making television news in the country. According to a local media report, the anomalous aerial oddity appeared in the sky early Sunday morning and was witnessed by several individuals throughout at least four provinces. Similar to a strange sighting here in the United States, various onlookers were quick-thinking enough to film the scene and the footage subsequently caused a stir on social media.

The strange event ultimately caught the attention of the Dongsen News Channel which reported on the curious UFO case. Alas, we are unable to tell you exactly what the segment says, due to the language barrier, but it's worth noting that the anchors appear to be taking the story seriously. At the very least, they did not run stock footage from the X-Files or its Chinese equivalent, which so often happens when similar cases are covered here in America.

As to what the UFO may have been, the predominant theory is that it was some kind of rocket launch. This was echoed by a worker at the Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory, who indicated that the object was not a natural body and likely had emanated from the Earth. Considering all the talk of odd objects in the skies over America in recent weeks and speculation that perhaps they are clandestine military projects, one wonders if this weird UFO event in China over the weekend was a retort, of sorts, from that nation to let us know that they have exotic technology as well.


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