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Video: Odd UFO Spotted Over Tucson

By Tim Binnall

An Arizona man and his friends were bewildered by a series of strange lights that they spotted in the sky earlier this week. The odd sighting reportedly occurred on Tuesday evening in the city of Tucson near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. One of the witnesses, Isaiah Alvarez, managed to capture some of the weird sighting on film and subsequently posted it to social media where it eventually caught the attention of a local TV station.

In the video, a bright ball of light can be seen hovering in the sky as Alvarez wonders aloud "what is that?" When one of his friends suggests that perhaps the UFO could have been a firecracker, he replies "No, it's not. It's a spacecraft." Unfortunately, Alvarez's video apparently does not fully capture the moment for posterity as he described the sighting as consisting of a series of three reddish lights that briefly appeared and then vanished.

Although one might suspect that the UFO sighting might have something to do with the nearby Air Force base, a spokesperson for the facility said that they had no connection to the event. Other possibilities put forward by skeptical observers are a drone of some kind or that perhaps Alvarez's friend was correct and the 'UFO' was simply from some fireworks left over from the Fourth of July. What's your take on the puzzling video? Share your theory at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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