Video: Odd UFOs Spotted in Florida

By Tim Binnall

A Florida man is convinced that he saw something from out of this world when he spotted a pair of puzzling objects hovering in the night sky earlier this week. According to a local media report, the strange sighting occurred on Tuesday evening in the city of Cape Coral as witness Jose Carrodegua was heading home from work. What would normally be a routine drive at the end of the day turned into an unforgettable experience when he noticed a peculiar light in the sky that "began to separate into two and then come back together."

While that alone is fairly fantastic, Carrodegua says that it was only a precursor to a second UFO that he saw five minutes later. this odd object, he said, appeared to be "a black diamond with lights on the side and one red light towards the center, not all the way to the back of the craft." Stunned by what he was seeing, Carrodegua recalls thinking to himself "that's a UFO. That’s not nothing from here." The sight proved to be so shocking that the man actually stopped his car in the middle of the road to fully observe the anomalous object.

"It was right overhead, floating over us basically," Carrodegua marveled, "there was no sound. It was magnificent." Fortunately, he managed to overcome his awestruck state and snapped a few photographs of the second UFO (seen in the video above). What exactly the objects might have been is yet to be determined, but Carrodegua appears to have already reached a conclusion, musing that "right now in my heart I believe it was definitely something from another planet." What's your take on the strange UFO sighting? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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