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Video: Ogopogo Caught on Film?

By Tim Binnall

A man in British Columbia believes that he has captured footage of Canada's legendary lake monster known as Ogopogo. Jim La Rocque was reportedly visiting Skaha Lake with his family earlier this month when he spotted a strange disturbance on the water and heard a weird swooshing sound. Amazed by what he was seeing, the astounded witness whipped out his cell phone to film the odd scene as it unfolded.

La Rocque's video appears to show some kind of ripple on the water which, depending on one's perspective, resembles either a wave or a series of humps. For his part, the witness is firmly in the lake monster camp, declaring that "this is, in my opinion, a definitive Ogopogo sighting." La Rocque's opinion was likely shaped, in part, by his son's experience being in the water at the time of the sighting and purportedly seeing a "flipper come out of the water."

However, longtime Ogopogo researcher Bill Steciuk dismissed the footage as paling in comparison to higher quality evidence he's seen over the years. He also noted that the fact that the sighting occurred at Skaha Lake is particularly problematic, because, were Ogopogo to have traveled there from its 'home' in the nearby Okanagan Lake, the creature would have had to traverse some fairly narrow waterways and aquatic obstacles.

Be that as it may, La Rocque is not backing down from his assessment of the footage, arguing that "it'll make you a believer" in the Ogopogo legend. With that in mind, what's your take on the puzzling piece of video? Weigh in with your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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