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Video: Ohio Family Receives 55,000 Letters in Strange Mail Mishap

By Tim Binnall

An Ohio family found themselves with a rather odd problem on their hands when a mailing system error at a loan company led to them receiving 55,000 copies of the same letter. According to a local media report, Dan Cain realized something was amiss when he went to the Twinsburg Post Office to pick up his mail and was told that he would have to drive around to the back of the building to get it. To his profound amazement, when he pulled up to the rear entrance, he was greeted by postal workers carting out massive bins full of letters.

All told, Cain received a whopping 79 carriers containing a staggering 700 letters in each container. The letters, around 55,000 total, all came from the College Avenue Student Loan Company and concerned an account that the family has for their daughter's college tuition. Not realizing that he could have simply told the post office to return the letters to the company, Cain actually brought all of them back to his house in what had to have been an arduous chore that required two trips with his truck and a considerable amount of carrying heavy bins full of mail.

The thousands of letters now sit in the garage of the Cain family home with their future yet to be determined. "I just may start a fire, a bonfire, and burn it all," he jokingly suggested to an area TV station reporting on the weird story. As for what caused the enormous amount of mail to be sent, the apologetic company explained that they had just begun using a new mailing system and that, clearly, there had been some kind of glitch with the software.

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