Video: Oklahoma Gas Station Boasts World's Tallest Sasquatch Statue

By Tim Binnall

A soon-to-open gas station in Oklahoma has already succeeded in making a big impression on passing motorists thanks to its massive mascot: a thirty-foot tall Sasquatch statue looming over the site. Dubbed 'Gasquatch,' the enormous depiction of the famed cryptid is reportedly the brainchild of business owner Phil Silva. The monstrous statue is so huge, he says, that "if you go south, you can probably see him for over a mile."

"You have to do something to set yourself apart," he mused about the Bigfoot-themed gas station located in the city of Idabel. Befitting of the cryptid's legendary stature, Silva's new enterprise also includes a rather sizeable convenience store replete with all manner of Gasquatch memorabilia, including dolls, t-shirts, stickers, and even frisbees as well as a restaurant that showcases his vintage car collection. Sure to be a roadtrip destination for Bigfoot enthusiasts in the area, Gasquatch is set to open sometime later this month.


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